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Our philosophy

The Aberdeen-Angus breed has its historical roots in northern Scotland, where it was first developed in the 18th century from local Aberdeenshire and Angus county breeds. The breed is characterised by its resistance to illness, readiness to eat any fodder, good feed conversion, ease of calving, maternal instincts (among sucklers), calm nature and of course the quality of its meat, which is considered one of the best in the world.
Unfortunately, in our view this extensive breed has been significantly intensified, which has produced larger animals who grow more rapidly but who are also more demanding when it comes to fodder, more susceptible to illness and more prone to problems when calving, and who also form part of the herd for a shorter period of time.
Taking this into account, the primary cornerstone of our company’s philosophy is to return to the positive characteristics distinctive to this breed.
We are not laying claim to some absolute truth, nor are we condemning the current trend in breeding. Our position is simply that every owner of an Aberdeen-Angus herd would benefit from occasionally employing the top genetics from the well-known breeding herds in breed’s homeland in their rearing operations.
Whether fate or coincidence, the Marmorland herd was brought in from the best pedigree herds in the county of Aberdeenshire in Scotland.
There cannot be more purebred cattle than the Aberdeen-Angus livestock that form the Marmorland herd. And that speaks for itself!
Since Aberdeen Top Genetics (owner of the Marmorland Herd) has been accepted as a member of the International Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society in Scotland, all of our livestock are listed in the animal recording registers of both Estonia and the United Kingdom, which is why all of the offspring of our main herd are and will continue to be issued with Scottish pedigree certificates, and why there is an adequate amount of acceptable information in regard to their filiation and breeding – which is available on the website of the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society at
This is where the secondary cornerstone of our philosophy stems from – one which is very much connected to the first:
thanks to good personal contacts established over the years with many best breeding herd owners, we have a continuous overview of breeding objectives in Scotland. Therefore, our objective is to be something of a "Scottish oasis" in one of the farthest corners of Eastern Europe, offering cattle farmers in neighbouring countries breeding stock having the same high value as that produced on farms in Scotland, Ireland and England.
As our methods are organic, we do not boost our results through the use of energy feed or fodder additives. Our breeding activities are based on real indicators arising from purely genetic benefits, which enable us to select breeding material in favour of ease of calving, increased milk production among sucklers and improved animal health.

Visitors always welcome to our farm by appointment!